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Cy Fair Federal Credit Union School Spirit Debit Cards

Show your school spirit and raise money for Cy-Falls Athletes and Coaches with a personalized Cy-Falls Eagles Debit Card from Cy-Fair FCU!

It’s simple! Use your School Spirit Debit Card as a signature-based transaction (run as credit, not debit or PIN) on common purchases of $5 or more. Contributions for the school’s booster club you selected are generated from the proceeds of those purchases, at no additional cost to you! The funds are accumulated and paid out to the booster clubs bi-yearly.

So pay with pride, knowing your everyday purchases are helping to support local CFISD school programs!

Please Note: For Donations to Be Generated = You must use your card as a “Signature-Based” Transaction (NOT “PIN-Based”).

Start showing your school spirit today!

Go to or visit a Cy-Fair FCU to find out how to get a card.

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