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Fan of the Falls

Join CFABC and become a Fan of the Falls 

Join the Cy-Falls Athletics Booster Club and help support the student athletes and coaches of Cy-Falls. Don't wait until your athlete's season starts – join at the onset of the school year and take advantage of the entire year. Membership is only $20, making it easy to be a part of what the CFABC does for the Cy-Falls sports program.

With increased parent involvement, we can accomplish our goals: promoting athletic excellence, fostering a positive community image, and maintaining competitive programs. We achieve this by providing financial assistance and support to our athletes, coaching staff, and athletic department through fundraising efforts, community donations, and corporate sponsors.


Get involved and become a part of your teen's life while they are at Cy-Falls. Not only will you gain recognition, but you will also be a part of something great, meet wonderful people, and have fun. Many people hesitate to join because they may not know what we do, but rest assured, we support ALL sports. With more parents getting involved, we can grow and provide even more for our athletes and coaches.


If you are already a member, the CFABC, athletes, and coaches thank you wholeheartedly for your support.

Click the button and be a Fan of the Falls...TODAY!

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